Patrycja’s history with KCR goes back to 2011 when she attended a lecture given by our founder Hugh Gilbert at Edinburgh Napier University where she was studying Sport and Exercise Sciences. She went on to train directly with Hugh in all of the KCR courses. Patrycja has been a KCR practitioner in Edinburgh since 2014. She is also separately qualified as a swimming and snowboarding instructor, and she offers seasonal instruction in those as well.

Patrycja is a native of Poland, and her plan is to return there to share KCR courses once she has completed our instructor training. She will be our first foreign language instructor and will be offering KCR courses in Polish.

About Us

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) is a simple yet extremely effective system of medically recognised and approved gentle mobilisations and stretches that were developed and synthesized into a protocol by Scottish Physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert. KCR supports the body in returning to physical balance quickly and easily. It frequently provides a high degree of relief, and in many cases complete resolution, to the pain and discomfort caused by a number of medical conditions.

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