Hugh Gilbert

Creator / Founder

The late Hugh Gilbert was born in Glasgow, Scotland where he qualified as a Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) in 1969. He passed on from this life just one month before the 50th anniversary of his qualification.  Initially in his professional career, Hugh worked for a few years in local hospitals and Junior Football Clubs prior to emigrating to Canada in 1975 to further his career.  Canada became his primary residence and workplace until 2008, when he then returned to his native Scotland to focus on teaching Kinetic Chain Release to others, along with his other special techniques.

Hugh had a very full and diversified career which gave him the invaluable experience that he drew upon in developing his courses — the very same courses still being presented by instructors whom he himself trained. In fact, KCR’s instructors utilize much of the information he so generously shared when presenting his courses.

Hugh worked as a Senior Therapist, then as Clinical Departmental Head before moving into private practice in 1986, where he remained in one form or another for the remainder of his life.  Along the way he became certified in many post-graduate components, including manual therapy, functional capacity evaluations, pre-placement screenings, overuse syndrome prevention, job/task analysis, work site analysis, ergonomics, injury prevention and absenteeism/disability reduction.

Hugh was a published author of three books: The Early Aging Workforce; Free the Unicorn; and, Hope for Alzheimer’s. These books are all available to order on this website, or via Amazon.

One of Hugh’s special memories was his time spent coaching football (soccer) in Canada at the University Level for a five-year period.  Some of those players stayed in touch with him until the last few months of his life, which was something that would light up his face and renew the excitement of seeing them play, every time he heard from them!

Hugh’s main protocol, Kinetic Chain Release™, has proven massively successful on its own, and even more so when followed by his other methods: Postural Energetics ™, and Connective Tissue Release – which has come to be known as the Hugh Gilbert Method.  He always felt it a great privilege to personally teach these techniques to over 1500 people in Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, USA (especially Hawaii), Mexico and Argentina, as well as several other countries from where people traveled in order to study with him.  

Hugh was a huge “energy”, with an equally tremendous personality! In contrast, he had a special gift of being able to make things very simple and easy to learn, and this remains evident in his teaching methods which are still being utilized in the courses today. We are so very fortunate that he had the foresight to train others to carry on the teaching of this work. In this way, the KCR legacy he left us will continue on for years to come, helping many more people throughout the world to achieve balance and improved health.

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