Hugh Gilbert


Hugh Gilbert is a Scot, born in 1946 in Glasgow. He qualified as a Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) in 1969 and worked for a few years in Local Hospitals there and with Junior Football Clubs, before emigrating to Canada in 1975 to further his career. He kept Canada as his main residence and workplace until 2013 when he returned to his native Scotland to focus on building his business into the success it has become today.


He is still fully active in developing and teaching his work in the UK for around 9 months of the year, with barely a day off, in order that he (and his long term partner and fiancé, Jane Wardlaw) can return to his other love, the Big Island of Hawaii, which Hugh has been travelling to since 1985.

He is a published author, and currently has 3 books (The Early Aging Workforce; Free the Unicorn and lastly, Hope for Alzheimer’s), available for the public.

Over the years Hugh gained valuable experience as a Senior Therapist, then as Clinical Departmental Head, before moving into the world of Private Practice in Jan. 1986, where he has remained ever since in one form or another. He has been instrumental in the creation/opening of Sports, Industrial and General Public focussed new clinics as well as purchasing and selling existing clinics throughout that time. He was a Registered Insurance Consultant in that role for the WCB in Alberta and for years, was considered as an expert witness in Worker Disability Arbitration and Court Hearings.

Hugh also coached local football (soccer) in Canada and developed a strong youth system in his community, leaving an equally strong legacy there, as he progressed to being offered the post of Head Coach/Manager at the University Level, which he accepted for a 5 year period.

Always community driven, Hugh developed a unique and simple Third World Aid Programme, called Pass the Buck, where almost all money raised got through to the use it was intended for, and not for admin etc.

He also was blessed (his words) to train under the late Dr. Masuro Emoto in his ground breaking work with water and Hugh is a fully Certified Teacher of this (Hado) work also.

Hugh is certified in many post grad components, including manual therapy, functional capacity evaluations, pre-placement screenings, overuse syndrome prevention, job/task analysis, work site analysis, ergonomics, injury prevention, absenteeism / disability reduction.

He is a recognised Advanced Myofascial Release Practitioner, having taken all required training in this field from the John F. Barnes Organisation in the USA. He has negotiated and formed business partnerships and alliances along the way, often successfully gaining seven figure financial contracts as the outcome.

He is a recognised leader in his field now, as his statistics show in the FAQ section, having developed programmes which are shattering the norms, reducing treatment time and cost up to 85% in many physical disabilities, injuries. His main protocol Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)™, is proving massively successful, but Hugh is never satisfied with results and is constantly striving to evaluate and create adjuncts to improve the outcomes. To this end he has created Postural Energetics™, and Connective Tissue Release (CTR)™, and his latest mobilisation (PFM) has caused such a stir that already there has been strong interest shown in obtaining full research on it from a Consultant (Surgeon) and a Neurosurgeon. His work continues and grows almost daily. He is proud to say that to date there are over 50,000 Scots now in balance and mostly pain free thanks to his dramatically simple yet successful approach, which he has now taught in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Canada, USA, Hawaii, Mexico, and Argentina, with over 1200 students now trained by him personally, 900 of which are now on his database.

He shows no inclination to slow down or shift his lifelong focus of providing a system of better health care for all, a system which is easily understood and accessible by and for all.

Hugh was told recently by two of his friends, a top scientist and a renowned physician, who had scrutinised his work in detail, that “You take things that are incredibly complex and make them seem incredibly simple.” His response?

“With absolutely no disrespect intended, these things and much more were always incredibly simple until the scientific mind insisted on making them incredibly complicated. I have just returned them to their proper place of reference.”

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