Gerard is a Usui Reiki Master and has been a licensed massage therapist in Pennsylvania, USA since 2006. He has studied various healing modalities including Nuad Bo-Rarn, Zero Balancing, IET, and other energy therapy techniques. In 2012 Gerard was introduced to Kinetic Chain Release and his life was instantly changed, as he found relief from a personal injury which had up to that point altered his professional career.

Gerard trained directly with Hugh Gilbert through all of the courses that Hugh offered. As a result, he has an amazing understanding not only of the techniques taught, but also of the philosophic aspects of KCR as well. This makes him perfectly qualified in his Instructor role for courses being offered in the USA, as well as the more advanced courses such as KCR Level 3 and Hawaii Masters Class. His ability to work with group energy while offering heart-based support is a phenomenal enhancement to the students’ experience within the KCR classroom setting.

Gerard is available by email at:

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