Claire has been part of the KCR organisation since becoming a student in 2011. She holds a Degree in Sports Science and a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy).

The entirety of Claire’s KCR training was directly from Hugh Gilbert, and she spent many additional hours at his side learning his various techniques and skills as he trained her to become qualified as a KCR instructor. She also travelled to Canada to work in Hugh’s private clinic there, where she gained invaluable first-hand experience in the application of KCR within a clinic setting. 

Claire held several positions within the National Health Service (NHS) as a Physiotherapist before going on to open her own successful practice in the Highlands of Scotland near Dornoch. With KCR integral to her practice, she quickly came to be known for her kind-hearted yet practical and effective approach for assisting patients in the area. Claire has since moved to Edinburgh where she now works full-time as a Physiotherapist at a private hospital.

We are very privileged to have Claire on the KCR Team as a Lead Instructor, which includes being a Trainer for other Instructors. Her bright, cheery personality makes time spent in class with her a fun educational experience.

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