Leslie, Occupational Therapist, female

Occupational Therapist complaining of Chronic Dizzyness, Scoliosis, Chronic Back Pain …. Calgary Canada.

Diagnosis: Chronic Dizzyness, Scoliosis, chronic back / sacral pain, old fracture of the tailbone from a fall from her horse, Adam many years ago.
On examination she demonstrated a one inch leg length discrepency which resolved with KCR.

Testimony: Following one session ” My hips are now level ! I’ve always had one higher than the other. I thought I had scoliosis ! I am amazed ! Even my husband sees the difference and is impressed.

He is my witness to this !! I have had no dizzyness since I got home …. Hooray ! When I got home my 27 year old horse Adam never took his eyes off me as walked across 2 fields to visit him.

He was standing tall and proud ( like when I used to show him ) and I thought how beautiful he looked. as he watched me so intently it was like he was saying ” I SEE YOU ! “.

Adam thanks you too for the work you did on me today ”



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Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) is a simple yet extremely effective system of medically recognised and approved gentle mobilisations and stretches that were developed and synthesized into a protocol by Scottish Physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert. KCR supports the body in returning to physical balance quickly and easily. It frequently provides a high degree of relief, and in many cases complete resolution, to the pain and discomfort caused by a number of medical conditions.

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