From Corporate Exec. Jennie in Eastern USA

“Loving the Exposure KCR is getting – I was treating one of the Corporate VP’s from my company last night ( I now have 3 of them all on a 3 week schedule). This particular one has high levels of stress which tend to bring on seizures periodically. She attends for KCR every 3 weeks ( travel schedule permitting) as part of her self care and has noticed a decrease in the amount of grand mal seizures since she started KCR – she has had several smaller petite mal but nothing like she had been experiencing. She’s a great one for listening to her body and knowing when to book another session. She reports an overall feeling of relaxation and noticeably increased Flexibility and Range of Motion. Since our last session , over 6 weeks ago, the left rib pain she had for over a year completely disappeared and has not returned, her lower back pain is also gone and the best – no migraines since her last session ! Has been actively doing her stretches as recommended- which was evident in how well she moved last night during the session.”

3 V.P’s now on regular KCR. This corporation is definitely on the right track and the increased awareness, health and mental acuity of their senior personnel can only translate into a smoother and better product delivery all through the organisation.

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Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) is a simple yet extremely effective system of medically recognised and approved gentle mobilisations and stretches that were developed and synthesized into a protocol by Scottish Physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert. KCR supports the body in returning to physical balance quickly and easily. It frequently provides a high degree of relief, and in many cases complete resolution, to the pain and discomfort caused by a number of medical conditions.

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