Leslie, Occupational Therapist, female

Occupational Therapist complaining of Chronic Dizzyness, Scoliosis, Chronic Back Pain …. Calgary Canada. Diagnosis: Chronic Dizzyness, Scoliosis, chronic back / sacral pain, old fracture of …

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Horse Rider, from KCR Practitioner Yvonne in Toronto, Canada

Feedback from my first equestrian client: “Yvonne is a wonderful person who has truly brought increased mobility and performance to both me and my horse! …

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Play Golf? … and in pain too?, from Philadelphia, USA

From KCR Therapist Kathy in Philadelphia: “Just got a phone call from husband after playing in a golf tournament today… I gave him a KCR …

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Rafael, 5 year old male with inverted (turned in) foot, Nanderas, Mexico

Diagnosis: Rafael’s foot turned in when he walked and had to wear orthopaedic shoes. On examination he was noted to have just over one inch …

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From Corporate Exec. Jennie in Eastern USA “Loving the Exposure KCR is getting – I was treating one of the Corporate VP’s from my company …

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Chronic Whiplash Pain and disability, Portland, Maine

“9 years of limited mobility in my neck and experiencing SEVERE headaches/migraines due to a car accident. Now I feel total pain relief! My KCR …

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