Zoe Shanks (Glasgow), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritic, wheelchair bound client helped by KCR

Rheumatoid Arthritis / MS / Wheelchair Bound client in severe constant pain.
“Well I completed the treatment last night with a woman that has MS , Rheumatoid arthritis and bulging discs in her spine. Initially the woman was in severe pain and it took both her daughter and I quite a while to transfer her from her wheelchair to the bed.

This woman also has ulcers on her legs. I completed a very soft KCR treatment on her, although the ankle movements I was unable to do as her ankles had elastoplast (bandaid) plasters covering the ulcers there.

After the completion of the treatment, the woman managed (I must say ) very easily back onto her wheelchair with very little help from her daughter or myself !. She then got out her wheelchair and into her armchair in one movement! As I looked at her daughter she was in shock by the agility and ease of the movement. The woman then stated that she felt that she was sitting straight for the first time in years and there was a huge smile and happiness on her face!

I asked her daughter to let me know how she was in the morning – this morning I received this text -“Hi just spoke to my mum …she had a brilliant nights sleep and feels great! Much better movement and easier to move about. Still in pain but much less than before!. she is going to see how long it lasts and get another treatment.”

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