Neuropathy helped by KCR

“I was born with an Inherited Neuropathy called Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). The nerves in my hands and feet are unable to tell the muscles what to do. I’ve experienced extreme wasting the muscles of my lower legs and my hands were showing signs of weakness too. I would lose my balance going around corners and getting up off the floor nearly impossible. I could not stand on my toes to reach things on high shelves. Chronic fatigue, pain and headaches were the norm. When I was diagnosed, the doctor said that since it is progressive and untreatable I should resign myself to being in a wheelchair eventually. I had my first KCR treatment in June and felt pretty good. Four treatments later my legs show tone in the muscle and are measuring 2″ bigger than before I started! Although I still experience tiredness, my balance is far better than it has been and my pain and headaches are almost non existant. I am tired now because I am really active. I can play with my two young sons without having to ‘ration’ my energy, or go to bed fearful I will be in pain when I wake. I am so appreciative to have found KCR…no wheelchair in my future!”

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