Med. Doctor, Samira (31), Female

Physician in Chronic Pain and Fatigue in Tepic, Mexico

Diagnosis: I have had Skin Conditions for many years in the shape of round coin sized spots on both my legs. These spots get bigger with time and they do not disappear with any medicine. This dermatological problem has increased and gotten bigger with the passing of time; besides there also appeared sporadic asthmatic crisis and last year I had a complicated pregnancy which ended up in the loss of my baby. I have not been able to get pregnant again since then, and I don’t have children. I am afraid of having a miscarriage again (or not being able to get pregnant ever again. In my lab tests, there appears an autoimmune background disease (Lupus erythenatosus, rheumatoid arthritis or antiphospholipid syndrome). The med. doctors do not have my diagnosis yet. Everyday I feel a chronic tiredness, my lumbar and sacrum vertebral spine hurt, but above all, I have an intense pain in my soles, which runs to the calves, the spine and the lumbar region. Sometimos, I am tense and the neck area hurts. This tiredness is more intense and chronic and it does not go away, not even with painkillers. I wish to be healthy and I would like to have a baby with no pregnancy complications. I hope this therapy can help me improve in all senses, both physical as well as mental.

Sincerely, Samira …

Testimony: Full pelvic strength and return of high energy( and delight!) with no pain in feet, pelvis, low back or neck following one treatment.

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