Injured University Athlete

Injured University Athlete with chronically painful knee in Texas and another patient showing up on the same day complaining of Severe Pain Scoliosis from Florida USA

This just in from Lori in Texas:” Whew! What a day! I had three referrals today for just KCR for chronic pain. First was a Volleyball player on a full ride scholarship at University. (for the benefit of our UK readers a full ride scholarship is fully paid tuition and indicates a high level athlete indeed) Complaining of chronic knee pain. Did KCR. She left here delighted and with No pain!

Second was a long time client who moved to Florida and was back in town for only a few days. Has Scoliosis and was in severe pain. Had MRI and waiting for results. Been to Chiro, Acupt, and massage in Florida.. no relief. Came in hunched over with back brace on and walking really slow. Just lying on her back stretched her. Did a real gentle KCR as it was hard for her to flip over and move. She walked out without her back brace and walking straight up. Still had a little pain but she was much more relaxed and felt a lot better.

Then while some of my clients were talking about KCR in the lobby and non-client of mine started asking questions. I’m seeing her tomorrow for chronic shoulder pain.

Here’s the beauty of it all.. I’m usually booked 2 weeks out and people have to wait to get in to see me. Yes I’m thankful, but I still hate that they have to wait. But with KCR, since it’s less taxing on my body I can fit these ‘KCR only’ people in and the end or beginning of my day and not feel like I’m putting strain on my body. This means I can reach more people than I did before. Also I have a lot more energy at the end of the day and don’t feel totally wiped out! KCR ROCKS! Can’t wait for Level 3 in June!”

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