Trevor Griffiths MCSP LCSP (phys) BTAA

Feb 17 at 8:31 PM

“Oh Hugh, what have you done to me?

First of all, may I thank you and Jane for a wonderful weekend at KCR Level 1 in Livingston. My thanks must also extend to Julie and Ami for their help and patience and to everyone on the course for that matter. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the pace, the humor and your deep breadth of knowledge and experience. Yes, I am familiar with a lot of the procedures shown, some of which I had forgotten but I have never seen them put together, or explained in such a logical and effective way before, with instant, measurable results. I realized very quickly during the first day that this was very important and impressive stuff you were showing and it was just what I was looking for. As you know, I have been a Physiotherapist for 22 years, a Bowen Therapist for 14 years and a Bowen Tutor with Bowtech UK for 8 years. The problem is, even though I have a very successful clinic and teaching career, I now have to rethink my whole strategy.

So back to work today with new stuff in my head, how do I integrate this into my work? Well today, everyone had KCR applications , to good effect but my last client, a keen Skier and Karate Black belt, had total KCR, as I understand it at the moment, complete with chin tuck and swallow and demo of the calf stretch. She had already improved greatly after our last week’s session, Low back pain and Piriformis pain almost gone but she still had pain in the Right Groin, which she has had for years and to cap it all, injured her Right Cruciate Ligaments ski-ing yesterday.

Wait for it! .. Groin pain gone! Low Back Pain totally gone! Cruciate Knee pain gone! Right arm can now reach up behind back as far as left and so much more flexibility! She felt a bit wobbly because she was now straight and her leg length was equal, her body had been carrying this for years, now it’s gone! One very happy lady and one very happy therapist!
Thank you so much Hugh and Jane, you are a legend! What will tomorrow bring? Oh, by the way, I feel great today too.

With best wishes, Trevor

Trevor Griffiths MCSP LCSP(phys) BTAA
Chartered Physiotherapist
Bowen Therapist & Tutor
Chair. BTUK

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